“The key that determines your results in life are your decisions. If you want to change your life, make different choices.”

All the results you have made in your life, were created through decisions you have once taken.

Probably like many of you too, I once, unconsciously thought that there was something else deciding over my life. “Life just happens the way it does and we have no control over it”, that was the philosophy I had unconsciously adapted over the years, and another point was that I did not know how to take control.
On every new years day I hoped and wished for the new year to become a greater year with positive and extraordinary memories. But It never turned out the way I wanted. <<

Life just doesn’t happen, It “just” happens because you just let it happen. That’s a decision.

“Everything starts with the mind first, before we start to do anything we have to think about where we want to arrive.”

So back then, I had no self value, I was full of self blame and doubt. The mindset I had adapted was like a cold. A cold doesn’t go away when you say “cold go away”, It has to be cured, It takes time and needs strategy. I tried several things but It never worked out so I thought I couldn’t get out of this philosophy of disaster by myself until I emotionally reached my limits. <<

I had NO OPTION left than to help myself, otherwise I were to live my whole life that way. FOREVER. So instead of focusing on looking for help, this time I started researching about everything that I could think of as a solution. I spend days and weeks researching about confidence, happiness and inner peace. All of that lead me to personal development which was something that changed my whole life. With personal development, I was able to reprogram my mind, I become a whole new person which was visible for everybody who knew my old self.

This reminds me to something I learned along the way, a mentor named Jim Rohn said

“If you want to be healthy study health… if you want to be wealthy, study wealth… if you want to be happy, study happiness.”

And thats what literally happened to me, I gained happiness and became a different person because I studied and learned about these things. But the bigger aspect that changed my life was that I had to take a DECISION and followed along.

Photo by Brian Koprowski