Don’t make decisions to just let them sit in the corner while you watch TV… When you make a decision, stay persistent. 

Decision alone is not enough. You need something that makes you stay persistant. One component of persistance is REASON.

It was the time during my graduation. My soul was naked. Alone, I was a pretty confident and happy person. But whenever I stepped out of the house, I felt like I was wearing a sack of stones on my shoulders. Breathing would become difficult and I would try to stay confident but I became a person that I didn’t know, that I had no control over. I failed one after another. Like domino stones, things started to collapse and everything got more and more out of control.

I got sick of being the way I was. I could not accept that this was all I could do,I could not accept that I had to be this way my whole life, I was sick of not being able to speak up for myself. I didn’t want to feel these toxic emotions anymore.

One day, after another failing event… my energy level went up, I knew I was responsible for the way I was, so I was angry at myself and said that I’d completly get rid of my weak personality and become a new person.<<

“The formula for disaster is: Could + Should + Won’t.” – Jim Rohn

To me the whole situation turned into a do or suffer situation. Right, not do or die, but do or suffer. Because suffering is worse than dieing. When you die you die and its over, but when you suffer you have to live with the pain.

The picture of having to stay like this and suffer forever, is what pushed me.
I drilled myself and the more my negative self talk tried to make me stop, the more I pushed. The training plan I had developed was so intense that my body got sick several times, but

I rather wanted to go under fighting, than to go under, living as the person I was.

As you can see what affected me was not just a decision, but

“I had a very strong outcome because I had a very strong reason.”