JNE Music has started as a solo project by the singer Ceylan J. Morgan. It has eventually formed into a group of experienced musicians and business parties, who seek to fulfill the demand of timeless music. Our goal is to become stronger in serving the world by leading the involved parties into a cycle of improvement and results.







In life it is easy to loose faith. Sometimes, especially in younger years people don’t have the power to choose their environment. While all of us at a time in life can experience discouraging phases, others might be born into faith destroying environments. The worst outcome to this, is to have somebody develop lack of self faith that stays throughout their whole lifetime.
We are speaking from childhood to adulthood experience:  In order to stay truthful to ourselves, we need role models that become a magnet to us, that give us a vision for the future, that make us feel victory when they win, that give us strength to consist by astonishing us with their growth and give us productive ideas which our current environment is not capable of.

Ceylan J. Morgan has started with her music career, with the desire to give back the greatness, which she has received through her role models. Now we came together with our like-minded colleagues and are carrying this mission on. We want to give people the opportunity to go back to our songs at any time in their life’s. At any given moment we want our music to be there to infect them with new inspiration, emotions and ideas.