Ceylan J. Morgan is an extraordinarily dedicated singer, songwriter and composer/producer from Germany. Discovering her goals and passion for music during her early childhood days, her interest to work in the Asian music industry led her to self-study the Korean and Japanese language. This has given her the ability to communicate almost fluently in Korean.

Furthermore through marketing, artists and projects, Morgan has developed extensive knowledge about photography, graphic and web design which she is using to promote herself as an artist now. She describes her discovery of the Japanese music and entertainment industry as being the greatest influence on her identity. As she names artists such as Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki and Mika Nakashima to have influenced her on her early activities as a singer and artist.

To understand her main instrument, Morgan has worked with speech pathologists and was exclusively coached by several privately hired professional mentors. She has participated in educational programs to learn about the music business and personal development in order to lead her own music career. In addition she names the teachings of legendary business and personal development mentor, Jim Rohn to have built the foundation of her strategic thinking as well as her strong and positive character.

Her plan to expand her ability by working with leading music industry people, resulted her to join hands with Fiera Music business and marketing team founder, Joombas COO and singer/songwriter Justine Ok(Sony/ATV) in 2015. She has been credited on DEAN‘s EP “130 mood : TRBL(photo) for her publishing/administration work with Joombas Music Group (SHINee, EXO, Tynisha Keli, Justin Bieber).In the year of 2016 Morgan has moved to Berlin for career reasons. Her trust-ability led her to work with Joombas Music Group and MUSSASHI Publishing (Albi Albertsson) at the same time. Mid 2017 Morgan has left the music publishing business in order to shift her main focus to her artistic career.