“Success is like an ocean – it’s not in short supply. The problem is, some people go to the ocean with a teaspoon.” – Jim Rohn

#1 Without defining your direction you can’t get to your destination. If I’d ask you to make a clear description of what you want, could you answer?

Why is it so important?

Its the same as driving a car without knowing where you want to arrive. It’s not you, but coincidence that decides over YOUR destination. This way there is a high risk for you to end up at places you don’t want.

There are also some people who set the navigator but don’t drive, or they drive another direction because they are afraid that they are not gonna arrive.

“Out of sight, Out of mind”

#2 It’s easy to lose your direction, if you write down your goals once but never look at them again, you lose it, you forget about them you have to remind yourself to where want you be, so you arrive THERE and not elsewhere. Keep the answers, in front of your eyes, on a daily basis. Not just in your mind, but I mean on paper. (I will speak later more on that.)

#3 An additional point is you can’t use a map of germany to get to New York. It can lead you to Berlin but not to New York. What do I mean by that? Well…

“If you let a miserable person give you advice on your destination you are gonna end up miserable.”

If these people would know better, they wouldn’t be where they are. They can’t give you advice because they simply don’t know either.

Yet that’s what the majority of us do. Asking miserable people for advice. You are simply asking a person who doesn’t know the city, for direction. If you think of it this way, you can hopefully realize too, how insane this is. Don’t ask average people on something extraordinary.

“The answers of people are going to be a reflection of their life”

If you listen to advice always question the source, ask yourself “WHO is giving me advice right now?”. Is it a negative person, what history does this person have, is it a person that has gone through much struggle or that is still going through much struggle right now. You’ll notice the answers of people are going to be a reflection of their life. A person that didn’t have much success trying to reach the same as you want, will less likely be encouraging. But a person that has made it through more struggles will tell you things that 9 of 10 people could have never told you.

“Be ridiculous and dare to set big goals”

To sum up…
You have to plan first!!! Think about what you want and write it “all” down, we will sort them out later. Be ridiculous and dare to set big goals. Don’t go with just a spoon to the ocean. Les brown is totally right saying that many people don’t miss because they aim too high, they miss and get hit because they aim too low.

Lastly, remember, even if you question this last point right now, as I did in the beginning, what’s more valuable is not reaching your goal. You could not reach it at all, but what’s more important is what that journey has made out of you. Jim Rohn’s mentor told him, that its not important if he’d achieved his goal to make one million dollar, he could give it away, in fact he said he lost his first million dollars. BUT he had made it to another few million dollars because of the person he had become and skills he had developed.

Image Credit: Flickr